Daffodil trail in mid April

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A Winter’s Day

      © nature thoughts nw

I’m in Spring
in January.
Warm greens and flowers
in the frost of mid winter,
reminds me of a cool climate
that changes

Doesn’t change
to a day
in Spring.
The cool wind snaps like
a branch on a cold day,
icicles cascade over frozen puddles
crunching beneath
gripped soles.

The sun
shines as
it does in Spring.
The wind is present in the
sharp Wintery air
gliding through layers of clothing
and sends cold signals
throughout my entire being.

(c) nature thoughts nw

Spring is…

 (c) nature thoughts NW

Spring is…

Spring, nature and beauty,
seen in natural light,
is stunning, frivolous at times. Sombre
at night.

Spring, the nature of wonder,
when seen from a perspective,
is reflective of times calm, ponderous
and introspective.

Spring, a natural seasonal phenomena,
seen from all aspects,
is indicative of my wonder, sonorous
and this my thoughts reflect.

(c) nature thoughts NW