6 vegetables to eat to beat the summer heat via theHealthsite.com

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Vegetables to survive the summer heat are:
Bottle gourd;
Leafy vegetables;
Ridge gourd;




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The fresh summer’s
cool, brushed breeze,
carries with it rivulets
in the gush, that soon trickles,
easily, in the clear water, that
gurgles, then gushes as the
rocks waver in the rush brushing
the fresh water strings of micro sword, anubius nana, ensconced in a cluster of hornworts, and cryptocorynes and moss.
The brook gushes as would a blushing novice.

(c) nature thoughts nw

Summer changes

(c) nature thoughts nw
Summer Changes
My mind wonders over the leaves
in directions the wind blows,
in one direction then the opposite,
flushing sharp points across the
way, my mind wonders this way
and that.  Never stopping for a moment’s breath
never, no, forever wondering this way and that.
My mind ponders over the way 
the leaves gather, still.  Until
the wind brushes them into any direction,
this and that, no way there but
everywhere here.  My mind wonders,
it ponders well.  Deep into my inner mind,
Until I understand the nature of summer, 
a nature I know is warm as the weather,
when it wants to be humid and pollinated,
as the bees and wind that scatter 
the seeds of life giving flowers.
(c) nature thoughts nw

Summer’s beginnings

(c) nature thoughts nw
Summer’s beginnings
With some water in hand,
the sun shines on blooms,
summery and bright, they stand,
as I drink my thirst away, relieved,
grateful and with a sandwich in hand.
I stand by the purple and wine patterns in nature,
A drink to summer’s blossoms!
to welcome in summer’s sunshine, close by, they stand,
Outstanding shades, grown for summer, to be ready then,
when we can all stare as we stand close up.
Water in hand, 
(c) nature thoughts nw
(c) nature thoughts nw
Taking a few minutes a day to take in the morning’s rays is one way of facing what lies ahead with a clear head, with just stretching arms and then legs and letting out a huge yawn.
Starting the day with a brisk walk is really refreshing.
Then ending the afternoon or evening with the breathing technique is de-stressing:
Breathe in for 5 seconds.
Hold breath for 5 seconds.
Breathe out for 5 seconds.
(repeat 5 times)
This technique is excellent at that moment during the early evening when it’s time to wind down but but not just before driving, as it can make the person not only too relaxed but sleepy!

No subways to blur my vision

(c) @diana_in_new_york via Instagram
No subways to blur my vision
No subways to blur my vision,
my view is clear where I am now,
A photograph takes me there,
to that somewhere I have often envisioned.
The island view is fresh in my mind,
the riverside stance capturing the skyscrapers
in a way that makes me ponder and reflect
on the majestic intellect of human kind.
As part of nature, the grass blades,
tinctured by the red roses in the foreground,
clarifies my view of what I see in front of me,
in a photo that speaks of romance in colourful shades.
The view is reminiscent of childhood dreams,
of sitting by a riverside in the cool, fresh breeze,
with a river view that we find in romantic novels,
my life in review, my perspective changes
                                       of frequent daydreams.
(c) nature thoughts nw

Centennial Ode to the National Parks

 A red travels along the Going-to-the-Sun Road as part of the FDR commemorative trip in Glacier National Park. 
Photo: Glacier NPS Flickr/Jacob W. Frank

Centennial Ode to the National Parks

The drive pass the mountain peaks at Glacier
are steadfast foundations even in the August heat
that stands upright – grand and palatial;
giving my heart, that awesome; Reverential thudding beat.
How can this be a hundred years that have graced our land?
When our forefathers walked peacefully through the rugged territory,
With many a Tale told for future generations to understand,
To marvel at and pass down to their families.
The rocks and stones in the lakes have seen many go by,
along the banks, that are trodden on for centuries past;
holding back tales that would make a grown man cry –
of sorrows of a homeland that are now museum artefact plates encast.
Human failings have caused misery to those peaceful dwellers:
their lives torn asunder to far-flung places!
Only a few remnants of American Indian history are reminders,
of a past that belonged to nature’s indigenous races.
A century has past and goodness of the earth’s natural land
Has become our refuge in times of troubles and distress,
As we savour the rich earthly smells that pervades our sensory glands,
And the scenic landscapes appeal to our natural senses.
Are we not fiercely proud of our national parks?
That rewards us with bounteous greenery so pleasing
Of spacious walking areas that keep us as happy as a lark?
As we hum out songs to the mountainous ranges, in solitary ease.

© nature thoughts nw