Daily Prompt: Bubble

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Poem: Bubble

What is better?

A bubble bath or a plastic bubble?

A couple aghast? Or a child in trouble?

Scented candles lit up?  Bubblicious floating soapy tub ful?

Singing in the shower?  Not by halves.  It’s a doddle.

Me, myself and my shower huddle. Not as bubbly,

Surely less than half the muddle.


© nature thoughts nw


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Leafy April

(c) nature thoughts nw

Leafy April

4 seasons, Spring is one of them,
1st one to get a shout out.
April in Spring but March takes
first mention.

2nd part of Spring, April showers,
any time of the month.
Spraying flowers with raindrops
without cessation.

Zero mention of Winter frost
during April showers.
Summer flowers adorn fields
in our fixated imagination.

Why think of Spring flowers
when rain pours over concrete?
By pass the soaking raincoats
and umbrellas in torrential downpours
that fall in gradation.

(c) nature thoughts nw


Nature framed

(c) nature thoughts nw

The clock was right at
10. It didn’t falter at 11.
It went steadily onwards
past midnight ’til it got to 7.

The frame stayed in place
on the wall. Within poised
plants unperplexed, positioned
paced, assuming and at peace.

Taking centre space, both frame
and plants make the time
go at a steady pace past nine
towards the morning dawn, in time
for breakfast.

(c) nature thoughts nw




A Winter’s Day

      © nature thoughts nw

I’m in Spring
in January.
Warm greens and flowers
in the frost of mid winter,
reminds me of a cool climate
that changes

Doesn’t change
to a day
in Spring.
The cool wind snaps like
a branch on a cold day,
icicles cascade over frozen puddles
crunching beneath
gripped soles.

The sun
shines as
it does in Spring.
The wind is present in the
sharp Wintery air
gliding through layers of clothing
and sends cold signals
throughout my entire being.

(c) nature thoughts nw

Christmas Past

(c) nature thoughts nw
Christmas Past
Christmas was
Mild. Winter’s dawn.
The day was
Calm. As still as the Holly in ivy torn.
This was the day
Announced. That dinner was with cranberry sauce, specially made for
A family occasion
Unannounced. When friends gather at noon
On the day that came
Pre announced. Songs sung in voices joined
Throughout the day
Echoing laughter. More brussel sprouts
Double servings.
Into the evening
Puddings as afters. Monopoly, next to jam roly poly.
On a plate with custard or ice cream.
Next to the Holly and the Ivy.
(c) nature thoughts nw