Nature framed

(c) nature thoughts nw

The clock was right at
10. It didn’t falter at 11.
It went steadily onwards
past midnight ’til it got to 7.

The frame stayed in place
on the wall. Within poised
plants unperplexed, positioned
paced, assuming and at peace.

Taking centre space, both frame
and plants make the time
go at a steady pace past nine
towards the morning dawn, in time
for breakfast.

(c) nature thoughts nw




Summer changes

(c) nature thoughts nw
Summer Changes
My mind wonders over the leaves
in directions the wind blows,
in one direction then the opposite,
flushing sharp points across the
way, my mind wonders this way
and that.  Never stopping for a moment’s breath
never, no, forever wondering this way and that.
My mind ponders over the way 
the leaves gather, still.  Until
the wind brushes them into any direction,
this and that, no way there but
everywhere here.  My mind wonders,
it ponders well.  Deep into my inner mind,
Until I understand the nature of summer, 
a nature I know is warm as the weather,
when it wants to be humid and pollinated,
as the bees and wind that scatter 
the seeds of life giving flowers.
(c) nature thoughts nw