May flowers

Spring is

Spring is:
The essense of the seasons when the weather changes
and we
forget winter was ever here. Until that
draft brushes

against our face:
and we know. Autumn turns to Winter yet we wait until April
showers bring
on May, then June, July follows and we know August
turns the

corner to Autumnal winds:
Until then, we are summer
happy. Sunbathing,
swimming, laughing, eating, drinking.
Glad we,

have bright summery skies:
and a breeze that brings, not pollen,
in our eyes,
but the hot, scorching sun, that shines in our faces and we
blink, squint

and peer below a hand:
sheltering those peepers that need shades
not blinkers.
Spring is at the very core of our hearts as they beat in unison with
Summer expectations.

© nature thoughts nw

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