Daily Prompt: Laughter

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Laughter applied to a conversation I had with a Mobile service provider Customer Advisor, just a few hours ago.

This is how the conversation went, after I’d purchased an ‘add on’ for my internet data allowance bandwidth, which ran out after I’d installed a Special Offer Internet Virus Protection package since my current one expires this June .

Customer Service advisor 1:  We have some new offers and I would appreciate if you could listen to them.  Please stay on the line as I transfer you now, thank you.’

Me: Ok.

(There’s a few moments’ silence, then someone spoke)

Customer Service advisor 2: Good evening madam.  What is your name?

(I’d already given my details to the first Customer Service advisor)

Me: Coll…

Customer Service advisor 2: Good evening, Coll… would you like to hear the new offers we have?

Me: Yes but not at the moment.

Customer Service advisor 2: But you asked to be put through to our department to hear the new offers.

Me: Well your colleague was very good in providing an excellent service and I wanted to do her a favour by staying on the line.

Customer Service advisor 2: Madam, you can tell my colleague you don’t want to hear of new offers, they won’t mind you saying no.  Do you know how it affects the Sales department when you come through to us and you don’t intend to listen to the offers?

Me: What do you want me to say?

(burst of suppressed laughter as I found the whole situation incredible!)

(I continued…)

She provided an excellent service and I was willing to listen to any offers you had going.  I’m in a difficult situation here.  Your colleague was very good and I wanted to stay on the line.

(Incredulous laughter again…my thoughts were, “wtf”)

Customer Service advisor 2: In future, please say you don’t want to listen to any new offers as you can understand it’s not good for the Sales department.

We then said our goodbyes after the conversation went full circle.

a Daily Prompt: Laughter

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