May Day Dance poem

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May Day Dance

Dance, dance away the morning, dance
to free the dancer within, urging periodically,
for a waltz.  Solo.
One, two, one, two, in step, not forward, side
Steps aligned with the Maypole.  Announcing
Summer.  Morris dancing, Mavis, Boris, Horace, Horatio,


Dance until the day draws to a close.
Out dance the dancer whose feet swiftly pass.
White. Drapes of red and blue.  Green is in Spring.
Dance. The Green Man appears or not but the

May Queen is here.

Dance then wherever you may perchance
Be in traditional Cromwellian gown.  As pure
as the gushing Spring mountain water that holds off
now that April heralds in the garlands of galium odoratum.
Dance to the sounds of swifts quietened by preoccupation.

Brooding. As the Dance continues and Summer unveils.

© nature thoughts nw


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