No subways to blur my vision

(c) @diana_in_new_york via Instagram
No subways to blur my vision
No subways to blur my vision,
my view is clear where I am now,
A photograph takes me there,
to that somewhere I have often envisioned.
The island view is fresh in my mind,
the riverside stance capturing the skyscrapers
in a way that makes me ponder and reflect
on the majestic intellect of human kind.
As part of nature, the grass blades,
tinctured by the red roses in the foreground,
clarifies my view of what I see in front of me,
in a photo that speaks of romance in colourful shades.
The view is reminiscent of childhood dreams,
of sitting by a riverside in the cool, fresh breeze,
with a river view that we find in romantic novels,
my life in review, my perspective changes
                                       of frequent daydreams.
(c) nature thoughts nw

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