Feed me Not

NPS Photo Russel Smith
Feed me Not
Feed me not. However much I plead.
My apparel is pleasing. My charm,
Endearing. But Feed me not, I’m
No domiciled creature. Feed
me Not. Is Rocky Mountain’s plea.
Rocky’s my home,
where in the wild, I collect
nuts, Rocky seeds, fruits
and others, bucket loads, of,
And I just am playful, so full of
charm. Feed me Not.
I mean no Harm.
Grass galore, fungi everywhere,
Anthropods I care to have,
any time of day.
Feed me Not, I have food
wherever I choose to stay.
Even frogs, worms and eggs
are on the menu, I crave, so
Feed me
Not, any time of the day.
Chipmunk’s forced Notice, needless to say.
(c) nature thoughts nw

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