Life is a bridge don’t build a house on it

Daily thought:

Fallen leaves and a bridge conjures up thoughts of care and caution!
Yet when we make that crossing, it means we get to see the other side!
(Fake Buddha

Crossing the Bridge

I walk the twisting, turning road,
A dream fills up my heart.
My backpack holds its heavy load
Placed there at the start.

I climb the ever steep’ning hills,
Exhaustion takes it toll.
Anticipating endless thrills
And company for my soul.

At last it looms ahead of me,
The bridge that I must cross.
And once across, what will I be?
And can I bear the loss?

Once there I see the other side,
But what now holds me back?
Can it be my foolish pride,
Or worse yet, what I lack?

I throw the backpack on the ground
And leave it laying there,
Knowing now that what I’ve found
Has worth without compare.

The rest is easier than I thought,
A destiny fulfilled.
Finding what I long have sought,
All inhibitions stilled.

Now a smile lights up my face,
Contentment fills my soul.
I crossed the bridge and found my place,
The place that makes me whole.

© Paul Rowley, 11 years ago
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